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Steps to a Successful Business: Self Promote, Self Promote, Self Promote

October 31st 2012

Posted by Billy Booe

Distributor self promotion is an opportunity to separate your company, or you as a sales person, from your competitors. The product is rarely the most important component. From our perspective, it is always the messaging and packaging. Combine that with a great product and you have a winner!

We spend time on the fundamentals: (1) knowing your target audience, (2) delivering strategic messaging, and (3) properly channeling or distributing conduit to deliver that message. I also realize most of us have a budget, however, you can be very creative in your approach as well as economical. Remember it’s a process... who is the target?...what is the message? will it be delivered?

Activate! has a fantastic array of what we call "door openers" which are specifically selected promotional products packaged in custom boxes with full color graphics and messaging depending on the intended target. If fact, in June of 2011, we were the recipient of an ASI Spirit Award and a feature article in the June issue of Counselor Magazine for the self-promo products we build for our sales force.

Our Salad Bowl door opener, which is from Leeds, and came packaged in a custom corrugated box with full color graphics. On the top is printed, "Are you tired of stale, soggy, left-over promotional concepts?". When you open the box, you see more messaging as well as the salad bowl with our Activate! logo. When you open the salad bowl, we included some of our favorite recipes from our employees as a personal touch.

Below is a link you can copy and paste into your browser which will take you to that issue and you can find your way to page 97.

In addition, if you go to my LinkedIn page and scroll down to myBox files, you can click on the presentations folder and download the Bluegrass Self Promo for ASI. This is a PowerPoint presentation about distributor self-promotion which we occasionally present as an educational class during the ASI Shows. The presentation goes into detail about strategy, messaging, and our thought process behind effective distributor self promotion.

One last suggestion...I've seen some very creative self-promotions over the years. When I ask what the results were, most often they were never measured. Don't forget to design a follow-up program to measure the impact. It's like asking for the sale! We as sales people don't forget to ask for the we??? So don't forget to have a follow up plan when you run promotions or marketing programs. If you structure the program correctly, you will find that effective distributor self promotion can open doors you never thought could be pun intended!


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