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Our Intern Farm League

June 21st 2012

Posted by Dave Claunch

One of our corporate commitments is to recruit young people to our industry, and support their growth in the workplace.  This summer we are joined by Morgan Manson – our summer intern - who is in between her sophomore and junior year at the UNC Chapel Hill.  Morgan is a Business Administration major with an emphasis on Marketing in the Kenan-Flagler business school.

Morgan recently returned from a global immersion elective trip to South Africa where she spent two weeks meeting with CEO’s of top companies in the cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg.  Some of the companies the students visited were divisions of US companies - GE, Ogilvy, and others were specific to South Africa - Pick n pay, which is comparable to Wal Mart was a favorite.

So, what‘s different in the business world between our continents.  Morgan was intrigued by a concept many of the CEO’s shared with the students about a “triple bottom line”.  Here are Morgan’s thoughts - “The triple bottom line idea about businesses seeking to help people, planet, and profit was great and I think a lot of businesses in the U.S. could learn from it. Everyone in South Africa seemed to know what it meant and live by it, and assumed we knew what it was too. I think it prioritizes the ideas too, by having people before planet and profit last. It really sums up the way businesses operate there.”

New methods, new technology, new thinking – that’s what today’s marketing world looks like from a student’s perspective.  In the promotional product universe that also demands adapting to the way end-users approach new ideas. It is refreshing having a college student’s perspective as we try to explain how commodity items and rock bottom pricing sometimes drive our clients thinking--especially when our suppliers are showing new fashion-forward styles and fabrications in apparel as we fight requests for the same old basic cotton tee-shirt. 

We believe the next generation can contribute to the industry in new, game-changing ways, and we’re going to continue to gravitate toward bringing in fresh and young talent to tap into current trends, technologies and methodologies.

Welcome to Activate!, Morgan!


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