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How the key to ROI can be found in a e-book.

May 31st 2012

Posted by Billy Booe

I was recently meeting with a client, who happens to be one of the largest school districts in the country.

The district was tasked with building a teacher training program, and since public school expenditures are highly scrutinized, they needed solutions to measure the program’s effectiveness.

I’ve been in the promotional business for a while now and I’ve come to realize that conceptualizing ROI, especially with promo products, has been an uphill battle for years.

Fortunately, proving ROI is getting easier with the help of today’s technology. Sure, we can tag a promo product with a QR code and validate usage – easy enough and nothing new. I’m talking more specifically about the power that comes from demographic data. With the proliferation of new technologies, the internet and mobile platforms, we can not only measure ROI but, also, the effectiveness with which we target a specific market or group. 

The district's main concern was: Did the teachers retain key learning points from these training sessions?  To measure this, I suggested we use a stored value program coupled with a survey. This would confirm if the teachers did, in fact, retain these key learning points.

Of course, this administrator had never heard of this approach, so I briefly explained that one of our best suppliers, who we will call Lady Gaga, provides stored value programs(these programs typically range from phone time and music downloads to ring tones and movie tickets).

The administrator opted to offer e-books, which can be redeemed online. We would supply a landing page where the recipient logs in to activate their card to redeem their gift. To take it to another level, we integrate a survey into the process so the visitor can answer up to 7 questions prior to getting their online reward.

The really serendipitous thing was our supplier JUST added e-books which of course were the perfect fit for the education market. The district’s program is set to run for two years, so they’ll have a great data set for future projects.


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