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Dave Claunch

April 15th 2012

Posted by Dave Claunch

Hi Everyone!  I’m Dave Claunch, EVP of Sales here at Activate!, and this is my first foray into the blogging world. I’ve been in this industry for over 25 years (nine of them with Activate!), and have operated in nearly every aspect of the business.

I currently live in the Seattle, Washington area with my wife and two daughters. Living on the West Coast, I have acquired a taste for great wine, the Oregon Ducks, and a little bit of a travel bug. 

My blog will revolve around our clients and Activate!’s sales team. I think our client-rep relationship is so unique and ever-changing, that it needs to be showcased. Aside from that, I can lend expertise in the world of RFPs, Web stores/brand launches, and complex issue resolution. 

Most importantly, I want to keep things engaging and entertaining. So I implore you to join the discussion. Comment, follow, like, engage! Feel free to follow Activate! on Facebook or connect  with me personally on LinkedIn. 


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