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Create Staying Power for your Holiday Gifts

November 29th 2012

Posted by Billy Booe

Gifting is an art form. Like anything else, it all comes down to resources...and I'm not talking about capital. Capital plays a small part, but clients who have gifting needs are limited primarily by the resources their suppliers offer. Promotional products and gifting occupy two very different worlds, yet they are commonly lumped together. Having the ability to produce custom products is all well and good, but the true heavy hitters have extensive industry experience, vast product knowledge, creative resources, and access to great premium lines. Premium awards, cutting-edge electronics, haute food products, and premium brands, like Cutco, are what distinguish us from our competition and, most importantly, what distinguishes our clients from their competitors.


Buyers need to understand that there are over 23,000 promotional companies who pursue this type of business. Most of these companies, over 85%, do less than $500k annually in sales. So properly vetting your promo company is vital. Like anything else: Caveat emptor. There is a real risk inherent in the process itself, so organizations who put a premium on gifting should work with well-connected, deeply-rooted companies.


We work with the Cutco line on corporate programs and can attest to the value they allow us to bring our clients. Cutco has also made it possible to co-brand many of the items in the Cutco line, so we can offer continuity as well as multiple price points to our clients. They manufacture in the US, but are also a world-renowned brand. Gifting Cutco products sets you apart.They are made available to only a small sample of companies, so very few people can offer you the ability to co-brand the product.


So what's the value in giving a high-quality, exclusive gift? About two months ago, I gave a customer a set of Cutco knives branded with his logo. Two things happened. First, I gave him a gift no one else could, world-class knives engraved with his company logo and personalized with his family name. Those knives are in his kitchen and every time he uses them, he thinks of me. Second, his company is considering replacing the old standard holiday baked ham with something more enduring...what do you think he'll be suggesting?


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