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Billys Blog

Billy Booe

April 15th 2012

Posted by Billy Booe

Hi everybody, I’m Billy Booe, VP of Business Development at Activate!. Although this may be my first ever “blog”, I am amply experienced in the social media world. And though I live on Twitter and LinkedIn, I really wanted to finally be able to write beyond 140 characters. 

In terms of my experience, I’ve been in the promotions industry for over 30 years—primarily serving in a direct sales and management capacity.  In my early days, I had a stretch as a PGA Tour pro (Yes, I can correct your slice), but eventually decided to join the family promotions business. 

My blog will primarily focus on self-promotion, business development, distributor platforms, and Activate!’s culture. I will also offer perspective on industry related topics, like buying and selling trends, new product offerings, distribution structures, and a whole host of other topics. 

As always, I would love to hear from you in the form of comments, likes, reposts and follows. Your input only enriches the discussion. So feel free to comment below, Follow Me  on Twitter, or Connect on Linkedin. 


ChipApr 16, 6:25pm

hey, Billy it's awesome you have this cool blog now. I really struggle to cold call new clients... any ideas?

Billy BooeApr 17, 10:36am

Hi Chip, We need to warm up your communication process. Cold calls, while once the status quo are ineffective today. Today, we use communication products which make an impact, have centralized messaging, and are designed to make prospects respond. We call it "The Creative Advantage" and I would be happy to help you get an handle on this new approach to new customer acquisition!!! Look forward to talking with you soon!

MemoApr 23, 8:18pm

Billy, my slice is fine but my hooks are not....HELP! Just wanted to say hey and congratulations on this great site!

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